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My Web Site Survey

Thank you for coming to my survey page. I hope you will take a few minutes out of your time, and answer as many of the questions as you can. This will better help me with making my web page the best on the net. Without your input, the site can't be anything! I'd also like to know a little about my visitors.
Thanks for doing my survey!!!!

Let   us   know   what   you   think   about   our   site.....

Please answer a few questions for us! Please answer all that you can!

1) Name:

2) Where are you from:

3) What is your email address:

4) Do you have a web site? If YES answer #5 No

5) What is the address of your site? (URL)

6) How did you find my pages?

7a) Which Web Ring or Search Engine?:

7b) Other:

8)Do you like my home page? Yes No

9) Please tell me what you liked and didn't like about it.

10) How can I make these pages better?

11) What should I add to my pages to make them more interesting?

12) What did you find that most interests you?
Poncho, my Chihuahua
The Chihuahua Pages
The Department 56 Pages
My Chihuahua Web Ring
My Dept 56 Web Ring
My Web Site Awards
The Web Rings I belong to?
My Musis Files
My Graphics?
My Cyber Pets
All of it..EVERYTHING!!
If other please answer #13

13) Other:

14)Was it hard to navigate around my home page? Yes No

15)Do you plan on coming back to my home page? Yes No

16)Was this your first visit to my home page? Yes If NO, answer #17

17)How often do you visit my site?

18) Any Additional Comments:

Thank you for filling in the survey!!

Thank you very much if you filled in my little survey. I plan on adding another for my Dept 56 and Chihuahua Pages. I'll try my best to respond to EACH and EVERY one of you who filled in my survey. Your input it greatly appreciated!!

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You can feel free to email me any comments!!

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